PABX phone system

Provides any organization or business with a way to intercommunicate between any number of telephone stations via a telephone exchange or a switching system. Phone systems manage the incoming and outgoing calls of an organization.

PABX features to consider

Conference call

A feature that allows two or more people on a phone call. Conference calling provides a solution for various people in the same or different locations to communicate.

Speed dial

A very convenient feature, especially useful for a phone user who regularly dials various numbers on a daily basis, that allows dialing of pre-saved numbers by simply pressing a key.

Auto attendant

Also known as a digital receptionist. It is a feature that provides the caller with a way to reach an extension without the assistance of a human operator or receptionist.

Call transfer

A really handy feature that enables a phone user to easily transfer an ongoing phone call to another station by simply pressing a button or a pre-programmed key.

Music on-hold

A feature that provides recorded or saved music to play at the caller's end when placed on hold. It is a common practice to let the caller know that the line is still active.

Speaker phones

Another common telephone feature that allows more than one person to participate in a phone conversation by utilizing the phone's microphone and loudspeaker.

Message greeting

An essential feature for any business. It enables a short voicemail message to greet a caller. A properly set message greeting can make a positive impression on a caller.


A lot of business PBX systems include a feature-rich voicemail system that allows
a caller to deliver voice information when the other party is not available to take the call.

PABX solutions

Avaya Aura

for midsize and small business

Avaya Aura is an advanced phone system solution for unified and contact centers. With Avaya Aura, integrate and deliver data, video, voice, and applications for web communication anywhere. So any team, in the office or on the go, can have a total unified communication solution.


small to medium-sized business

The Univerge line, from NEC, has brought enterprise communication phone system features to small to medium-sized businesses. It gives way for users to be placed at the center of any business communications and provides no limitations when it comes to scalability.

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