Security camera

The use of various cameras to do security surveillance, of an area, by transmitting the signal to a central station for viewing. It is also called as a CCTV (Closed-circuit television) or video surveillance.

Security camera types

Box style cameras

The name is derived from its shape. These type of cameras are standalone and usually has an indoor and outdoor variants.

Bullet cameras

These security cameras has cylindrical body shape like a rifle bullet. Useful for low-light areas and has a smaller footprint.

Day & night cameras

Typically used as an indoor or outdoor security camera. Usually retroffited with an IR filter for low-light environments and conditions.

Dome cameras

These are ceiling mounted security cameras. Named after its shape, these are compact and sometimes comes in vandal-resistant housing.

IP cameras

Transmits signals using Internet Protocal over a network. Currently the latest camera types widely used due to its scalability and resolution.

PTZ cameras

These type includes an internal mechanism to allow an operator to easily pan, tilt and zoom the camera and focus on any area of interest.

Thermal cameras

A type of camera that utilizes a heat imaging to sense any object in an area that is covered either in darkness, dust, fog or smoke.

Wide dynamic cameras

Provides the ability to compensate and balance a variety of light range levels. Usually installed on areas with too much lighting conditions.

Wireless cameras

These are the wireless counterpart of the IP security cameras. Eliminates the need for a network cable since it uses Wi-Fi signal.

Dummy cameras

These are fake or decoy security cameras designed to deter and trick and burglars or intruder. Also called simulated cameras.

Why GeoVision products?

Comprehensive UI

Gives users, without having to use a user manual, with a graphical user interface that is easy to manipulate, operate, understand and use

Flexible and versatile

Analyze, display, manipulate, optimize and process data on a GeoVision with ease

Multi-language support

Multiple supports for various languages like Arabic, Chinese, English, Korean and other commonly used languages

Platform independent

With little modification, GeoVision systems can run and operate on other systems like Linux, Windows and UNIX

Affordable solution

Integrate various components without having to sacrifice a lot of money, time and energy

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